Terms And Conditions

The traveler explicitly confirms to be aware of the adventurous nature of the trip, with the accompanying possible lack of comfort and with the possible program changes due to local circumstances in the visited country.

Considering the nature of the trips, the traveler should be aware of certain risks and the possible absence or limited level of medical assistance, infrastructure, and means of communication.

For direct or indirect material and/or medical damage, or the consequences thereof, for which the traveler cannot appeal to travel insurance taken out by him, the traveler can in no way invoke the liability of SalkaPeru or the local partners.

Cancellation costs

You can only inform us of any cancellation during office hours. Cancellations outside these office hours are deemed to have been made on the next working day.

A: Cancellation up to 90 days before departure 30% of the travel sum

B: Cancellation from 60 days up to 45 days before departure 50% of the travel sum

C: Cancellation from 45 days to 30 days before departure 75% of the fare

D: Cancellation from 29 days up to and including the day of departure 100% of the travel sum

Exception Machu Picchu: Due to the strict regulations of the Machu Picchu Park you cannot cancel your reservation once you have made it. Nor can you change the name or the date of the reservation. If you are unable to arrive at the date you booked, we will not be able to refund your payment. This because the permits are not refundable and SalkaPeru buys the tickets for Machu Picchu Park when you make your reservation.


Depending on the circumstances, in the interest of travelers or to improve the products, the tour operator reserves the right to change elements of the program (such as excursions, hotels, accommodation) without prior notice. As long as this modification is not decisive for the round trip and does not lead to a reduction in value, the traveler is not entitled to a refund. When attractions and sights are closed due to maintenance works and defects, the traveler is not entitled to a refund.

Unused accommodation and other services

The traveler who, during the journey, deviates from the programmed or proposed itinerary on his initiative, or withdraws from the accompaniment, if any, and is therefore not present at the agreed times or locations, bears the liability for all additional costs this entails and is not entitled to a refund for services not provided.

Accommodations, excursions, and other services included in the travel sum, but which have not been used can not be refunded by SalkaPeru.


SalkaPeru is not liable for unforeseen circumstances, force majeure and events that are unavoidable. In any case, SalkaPeru is not responsible for technical defects, accidents, strikes, epidemics, wars, natural disasters, nor can SalkaPeru be held responsible for accidents and theft, and in general, damages suffered by third parties that are foreign to the services referred to in the contract. SalkaPeru shall not be held responsible for shortcomings attributable to the traveler. Risks related to the activities, excursions, tourist events, and sports shall be borne by the traveler. Costs resulting from the above circumstances shall also be borne by the traveler.

In case of reservation in the presence of the parties, as well as reservation using a remote sales technique, the traveler confirms that he or she wishes SalkaPeru to immediately make the necessary arrangements for reservation of the services concerned (flight(s), hotel(s), excursions, etc.) and thus cannot make use of any right of renunciation.

Required documents

The traveler must be provided with the necessary documents such as identity papers required for the booked trip as well as a visa, if applicable.

The travel documents apply to travelers with Belgian nationality. Travelers of another nationality are obliged to contact the consulate or embassy of the country of destination. Under no circumstances can SalkaPeru be held liable for failure to comply with the required formalities and their damaging consequences, including refusal of the flight or refusal of entry to the country of destination in question.


The customer is obliged to have appropriate travel and cancellation insurance, valid for the duration of the trip. The travel insurance must include an adequate medical insurance policy, including repatriation compensation and evacuation by plane. Consequences of the absence of such insurance or proof of insurance are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

Hourly arrangements

The hours indicated on the schedule, programs, ticket or anywhere else are indicative and therefore not insured. They are not part of the contract. The flight hours mentioned in the brochure or communicated during the reservation are for information purposes only, only the times indicated on the travel documents apply. The passenger will be informed if there are any changes in the times after the travel documents have been issued. Only the last timetable applies. If the flight is brought forward by 30 minutes or less, the passenger will not be informed in advance, as he must always be at the airport at least 120 minutes before the hour of departure. If the passenger does not comply with this obligation, he can under no circumstances apply for compensation, whatever the reasons for his negligence. The passenger must inform himself about the departure time for the return flight. Any flight delays or flight changes do not entitle the passenger to any refund.

Complaints procedure

Any shortcomings must be reported locally to the local service provider or representative of the tour operator.  If this is impossible, the traveler must contact the tour operator directly in Belgium. If the above obligation is not complied with, the traveler may not claim any compensation for damages. Each complaint must also be confirmed by a registered letter to SalkaPeru itself thirty days after the return journey, with proof of the submission of the complaint on the spot. Failure to comply with this deadline will hurt any compensation for damages.