Our school offers flexible classes completely adapted to your needs and wishes. We have different kinds of course books you can start from, but you decide together with the teacher what you want to focus on in your classes and for how many hours a week. We think it’s important to offer a variety of teaching methods, so you will not only be working with a standard grammar book, but the teacher will also work with articles, movies, music, newspapers, … Or leave the classroom to practice what you’ve learned on the streets!

Reflection is an important aspect for the improvement of our services, so we love to listen to the feedback of our students and adapt your classes where needed.
We offer the following courses:

Standard Course

The standard course is available for all levels, group classes and individual classes. Normally the Standard Group Course consists of 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day starting any day from Monday to Friday. In order to join this course, we need you to fill out an exam, so we can determine your exact level of Spanish. For us it is very important that the students joining the group course, have the same level of Spanish.
Did you order group classes but we can’t form a group for your level? You’re lucky: you’ll get private classes! (3 hours individual classes per day) We won’t try to force you in a group that isn’t exactly of your level. We use a maximum of 4 students per group.
Individual classes can start every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. Every amount of hours is possible, however we recommend you to take at least 2 hours of class per day, in order to make the lessons more effective. Classes in the morning or in the afternoon are available and you can choose your own schedule!

Survival Spanish

This course will teach you to express yourself in basic Spanish as quickly as possible. The grammar will be reduced to a minimum, although certain knowledge is essential. The idea is that you can survive on your own in a Spanish speaking environment within a minimum of time; an ideal course for backpackers!

Extra services

 We organize several activities for our students, on Tuesdays we go out to eat something and on Thursdays we organize a free cultural activity like a cooking class or fruit tasting night (we buy all kinds of fruits from the market so our students can try them).

During your stay the coordinator will be available 24/7 for all that you need, if you get sick, if you need to buy something, he will always help you with whatever you need. Included in the services is a free airport pickup.


Group lessons  20h  € 105

Private Lessons 20h  € 175

For more information please contact us:


Hallesesteenweg 139

1640 Sint Genesius Rode

+32 2 494 12 38