Classic Inka Trail 4D 3N


Distance: 7.45 miles / 12km Estimated time: 5-6 hours Maximum altitude: 9,850 feet / 3,000m Campsite: Huayllabamba Meals: Breakfast ,Lunch, Dinner.

We pick you up from your hotel very early  to travel by bus to Ollantaytambo where we stop for a break to buy the last purchases. Then immediately afterwards the bus will be taking us directly towards Piskacucho (2700 m) , a small community located at kilometre 82 of the Cusco - MachuPicchu way.  We begin our trek here and will set up the equipment.

We’ll cross the bridge and begin our trek along the left shore of the river Urubamba that flows to the North-east of the Sacred Valley. After approximately 3 hours we’ll come to the first Inca site, Patallaqta or Llactapata (2750 m) Then we’ll trek for approximately 30 minutes continuing along the valley created by the river Kusichaca, coming to lunch in Tarayoc. After approximately 2 hours we’ll manage to reach Wayllabamba, our first camp (3000 m) where we’ll have dinner and we’ll spend the night. During the tour, we will be able to enjoy a splendid panorama: the Vilcanota river, Urubamba mountain range, with the top of the mountain the Verónica (5750 m), covered with snow and with a great variety of flora and fauna along the whole tour.


Distance: 6.83 miles / 11km Estimated time: 6 - 7hours Maximum altitude: 13,799 feet / 4,200m Campsite: Paqaymayu

We start the day with a healthy breakfast at 7:00 am and you’ll  be provided with snacks.

We’ll begin our second day  trek which is the hardest of the trip, and it consists of ascending and descending paths for around  9 kilometers or7 to 8 hours. Along this ascent the landscape will change to Puna, a dry and high area with scanty vegetation, where we’lll arrive at the first highest part of the mountain ( 4200 m). This is called Warmihuañusca (Dead woman pass).  We’ll be able to observe lamas and alpacas domesticated feeding on Andean grass (Ichu Quechua name), one of the few plants that grow in this altitude. Also we’ll  cross an area of the forest where diverse types of animals live such as the sparrows and the Andean bear or spectacled bear. It is advisable to carry candies, chocolates and coca leaves to support a high level of sugar in your body and avoid altitude sickness. After the first pass we’ll descend for 2 or 2.30 hours towards Pacaymayu valley (3600 m) to the camp, where we’ll  have lunch and dinner.


Distance: 9.93 miles / 16km Estimated time: 8 hours Maximum altitude: 12,664 feet / 3,860m Campsite: Winaymayna

This one is the longest day but the most interesting and impressive as well. You'll visit the ruins of Runkurakay and enjoy spectacular views of the waterfalls on the snow-covered mountain Palcay. Trekking along, you'll enjoy panoramic views of the Mountain Range of Vilcabamba and its most important peaks, Pumasillo, Sacsarayoc and Panta. From this area, you'll start a slow descent, crossing the ruins of Sayajmarca, which are still covered with vegetation. On the way down, you'll go through a tunnel formed by a soil slide adapted by the Incas. At the ceremonial center of Phuyupatamarca you'll stop for lunch. From here, descend to ruins of Winay Wayna (forever young) where we spend our last night on the trail.


Distance: 2.48 miles / 4km Estimated time: 2 hours Maximum altitude: 8,923 feet / 2,720m

This day is the most anticipated day of our excursion. We wake up very early and have breakfast, we start our final leg of the trek and arrive in 2 hours to Inti Punku(Sun Gate), where we have the first beautiful view of Machupicchu, in all its brilliance and majesty monumentally. In  Machupicchu we’ll have a guided tour of 2.5 hour. The guide will lead us through  this historical wonder giving us the necessary explanations on the principal remains and monuments, such as the Principal Plaza, Temple of Three Windows, Intiwatana  , The Quarter of the Mortars, The Temple of the Condor, the cemeteries and enclosures, sacred sources, urban and agricultural sector and others. Then we will have free time to continue admiring the place to take plenty of photos. Between the activities suggested for this day  you can conquer  WAYNAPICCHU Mountain and  enjoy the landscape, and then we will go down to the village Aguas Calientes and  spend time on Aguas Calientes ( hot springs) In the afternoon we will  taking the train back to Cusco.


People who want to visit Huayna Picchu must let us know as soon as they can, because according to new rules, there is a limit of people (400) per day that can climb it. Timetable :

  • 1st Turn 08:00 am : 200 people
  • 2nd Turn 10:00 am : 200 people.
4 days / 3 nights
The hole year